THE SCHOOL OF NOBLE CHARACTER

CHARACTER is not what a man is reputed to be. Reputation is not always based upon character, but more often upon concealment of character.The usual inquiries, concerning this attribute are intended to ascertain if the person in question is honest as far as lying and stealing is concerned, or is morally strong in matters of temptation. These are two points only in the development of  character and form but 2% of the whole scope.
Looking for a broader understanding of what is meant we find quality after quality rising before us in a procession of essential traits. The person who does not lie, who does not steal who keeps the commandments may be a very disagreeable individual. He may be mean in scores of ways, weak in scores of ways, and a very undesireable friend or companion. We know of men who are morally perfect, as far as earth is concerned, but are shriveled in all other departments of their being. We know women who are probably chaste, but never chased, who are truthful, yet unable to hold the the contents of their knowledge; who would rather die than steal, and yet who are as weak in purpose as a jelly fish is in body. This may lead you to believe that purpose is character. It is no more so than a window is a house. Were you to seek a correct definition, there would be some difficulty in making it accurate and more in making it complete.

The School of Caharacter is a fortress of safety, safe from what? Safe from every danger that can possibly arise in any way. This is a strong statement.We realize what it implies.Years have been spent in the preparation of a course that that can guarantee safety to everyone who comes under it’s infuence of 100 or more points.

A man on his dying bed in bidding farewell to his family said, “I wish I could know that my sons and daughters were safe.” He meant much more than we can explain in these few lines. How many husbands wish the same of their wives? How many wives wished the same of their husbands? How may parents hope and pray for the safety of their sons and daughters? To be safe is the first consideration of existence. The training afforded by the School of Character and its over 100 points, should be insisted upon every young lady before giving her hand in marriage to her future husband and vise versa.  AND WE ASSERT THAT IF EVERY MARRIED COUPLE SHOULD PASS THROUGH THIS COURSE OF TRAINING THERE WOULD NEVER BE ANOTHER DIVORCE IN THE LAND.

Brackets by David Pelly

The School of Character is a citadel affording every kind of safety for the individual.
Safety against failure.                                      Safety against loss
Safety against malice                                       Safety against wrong habits
Safety of character                                            Safety against discouragement.
Safety in friendships                                         Safety in the home
Safety in the work place                                  Safety in business.
Safety in the professional career in society in friendships, and in winning and maintenance of social position.

It is perhaps a peculiar course, but it is a great one, and it is such a course that is needed by every man and woman, every young man and every young woman in existance. It carries you to the heights of life and there you are given the fruits of the earth. It is alone worth much more than any price that could be placed upon it; for there are somethings that cannot be valued by money.

I plan to have this course available on line in the near future. Please contact me for more details. 


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